Pivaz is a new oasis of sumptuous Turkish cuisine in the heart of Chatsworth Rd, Lower Clapton.  

Our aim is to bring the very best traditions of our homeland to your table, where you can enjoy true Turkish hospitality with a delectable drink or two.

Drop in for a professional  cocktail at the restaurant or start your dinner early with an aperitif before your meal. 

The eclectic interior has been divided into several discreet seating areas, so you can enjoy a private table, a seat in the main restaurant  or sink into the plush banquette tucked into a curtained corner of the restaurant to sample the delights of the menu. 

Our chefs, hail from Turkey and their emphasis is always on the food. 

They have been serving up their passion for flavours and tradition in London for 15 years and are bringing this delicious combination of food and drink to Chatsworth Rd, Lower Clapton. 

Our ingredients are freshly sourced, authentically spiced, and blended into our traditional recipes that will evoke the rich heritage of Turkey.

 Pivaz means onion, so come along and peel back the layers of flavour and ambience.

 Our destination restaurant and bar brings a touch of stately Turkish opulence executed in contemporary manner while placed within the architectural merits of the existing building.